Policy Coverage Review

Whenever a business, government entity or nonprofit sustains a significant property loss, the focus is on how effectively your coverage is able to respond to the loss. Unfortunately, lessons learned from recent catastrophes have shown that sometimes there are gaps in coverage or caveats in policies that result in uninsured damages and losses.


That’s why Canopy Claims Management recommends a policy evaluation before you have a loss. Our experts will discuss your protection objectives and review your coverage in that context. Whether you have one property insurance policy or coverages arranged with multiple insurance companies, we’ll verify that your property insurance is aligned with your specific goals and needs.


We look for gaps and inconsistencies that can exist when multiple policies are involved, as well as exclusions and sublimits that can reduce your coverage for certain types of perils or circumstances, and help match the policy to your operations and business. To ensure you have the right insurance – insurance that expedites complete disaster recovery – we work closely with you and your insurance agent or broker, accountant and lawyer to process a variety of potential claim scenarios.


This exercise helps you assess how, or whether, you could recover from a real loss. Ultimately, you want to eliminate any gap between your expectations of what’s covered and the actual protection provided under your insurance.

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