Loss Estimation


GEDC0147-smallOur experienced team promptly develops an estimate that helps the insurance company adjusters recognize the full value of the loss, giving them the information they need to establish accurate reserves. We consider this a critical service that helps expedite the claims process and gives the client the framework for a more complete recovery. It’s also a key reason why when Canopy Claims is involved in a claim, the client’s recovery is more than double on average than when we are not involved.


Why is that? In a number of situations, insurance adjusters overlook or underestimate the extent of the damage. Without the thorough initial assessment provided by Canopy Claims, the adjuster’s estimate is used by the insurance company to establish its reserve. And once a reserve is established, it’s difficult and time consuming to convince an insurer to readjust the loss and change its reserve.


While Canopy Claims certainly can help clients in these situations, the most expedient way for a client with property damage to obtain a complete recovery as quickly as possible is to engage Canopy Claims in advance of any claim. That gives us the ability to understand your insurance coverage and get a head start in assessing your loss when an incident occurs.


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