Engineering Analysis


When a commercial client sustains damage to its building, plant or facility, Canopy Claims provides the engineering expertise needed to establish and confirm the causation of the loss, a critical factor in validating the availability of insurance coverage.

Structural and curtain wall engineers are also needed to determine the extent of structural damage and whether a building can be repaired or should be demolished and replaced. In these circumstances, engineers provide critical input for any analysis to determine the feasibility and cost of repairing versus rebuilding a facility.

In certain situations, when operational downtime and workforce issues are factored into costs, it ultimately may prove more cost effective to demolish a structure and replace it, rather than attempt to repair it.

The knowledge and expertise to make that determination as quickly as possible and give insurers the information they need to recognize that a specific course of action, such as to rebuild versus repair, will ultimately save costs – both for the insurer and the insured. Having the resources and data to make these crucial decisions helps insured clients avoid additional losses in revenue and speeds the recovery.

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