Disaster Response


Thackray051-300x200When a large-scale disaster strikes anywhere in the U.S. Canopy Claims is ready to respond immediately by providing a team of experts to begin the process of assessing the property damage and preparing a claim. As an insured business, government entity or nonprofit, a fast and comprehensive response is critical with regard to your insurance claim for two important reasons:

First, starting the process as quickly as possible often can help accelerate your recovery.


Second, when your insurance company loss adjusters arrive at the scene, they will prepare loss estimates so the insurance company can establish a financial reserve for the loss. What many businesses fail to recognize is that once those reserves are set, the process of resolving a claim that exceeds the reserve estimate can be lengthy and difficult.


By getting the right experts to the site rapidly, Canopy Claims helps the insurance company adjusters recognize the full value of your loss. Reserves are set, accordingly, and the claim typically proceeds without the complexities associated with resetting reserves.


By engaging Canopy Claims before you have a loss, you enable us to engage much more rapidly in the event of a disaster. So whether you have a single location or multiple properties affected by a disaster, we will be on-site rapidly at each location to assess your damages and help your insurance company adjusters recognize the full value of your loss at each location. Our ability to deliver results for clients during a disaster event is just one of the many reasons more commercial clients today are relying on Canopy Claims for all their property claim management needs.

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