Claims Management


iStock_000021777464_smallRegardless of whether a business, government entity, or nonprofit sustains property damage due to a large-scale catastrophe or an isolated event, any commercial loss can be complex. With respect to your insurance, the objective is to obtain the maximum recovery as quickly as possible. Often, there can be causality issues, extra expenses associated with maintaining operations when facilities aren’t available or accessible, losses associated with business interruption or even contingent business interruption when a loss affects one or more key suppliers or customers.


Canopy Claims Management’s professionals have extensive experience with all types of claims, involving every industry as well as the public sector. They know all the nuances of commercial property insurance policies and understand relevant coverages available under your policies with regard to any type of loss. Our team includes experts to provide concise assessments of physical damage, establish and confirm causation, and help you and your insurers accurately assess the total costs of making any necessary repairs versus rebuilding or replacing.


We provide management and forensic accountants to help establish values of damaged equipment and inventory as well as quantify lost revenues to calculate claim amounts under business interruption and contingent business interruption coverages. Whether you need Canopy Claims to manage the entire claims process or to provide expert resources to complement your existing team, we are ready and available anywhere in the U.S. to assist with your recovery.

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