Our Services

Pre-loss Policy Review and Coverage Assessment.

Canopy Claims Management’s ability to navigate the nuances of commercial property insurance policies, business interruption and contingent business interruption coverages, sublimits, exclusions and gaps that might exist when multiple policies are involved enables us to help you understand what’s at risk before you have a loss.

Disaster Response.

Whenever disaster strikes anywhere in the U.S., Canopy Claims Management mobilizes immediately and sends a team to your locations to assess damage and begin preparing your claim. In addition to working to obtain your insurance recovery under the most challenging circumstances, Canopy Claims has crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery specialists who can provide assistance to clients with every aspect of managing their loss event.

Claims Management.

When a loss occurs, we use our ability to quantify all aspects of your physical damages, business interruption, contingent business interruption, ingress/egress issues and other elements of your claim to help insurance companies recognize the full extent of your loss.

Loss Estimation.

Canopy Claims Management can provide construction estimators to help evaluate the extent of your damage and the cost of necessary repairs or reconstruction. This expertise is often critical in helping insurance company claims executives and adjusters understand the full extent of a property loss and the total costs involve in restoring or rebuilding the property.

Engineering Assessments.

When physical damage to a property may affect its structure, Canopy Claims has available experienced structural and curtain wall engineers to help assess structural integrity of damaged facilities, as well as cost issues associated with repairs and reconstruction.

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