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For homeowners and condominium owners, damage or loss of a property due to fire, flood, storm or major disaster can be devastating. Your challenge is to get your family back on its feet as quickly as possible. Canopy Claims provides a completely turnkey service that takes the burden of dealing with the insurance company off your shoulders to enable you to focus on your family’s other immediate needs. We contact your insurance company, and make sure the insurer understands the full extent of your loss. We see your claim through every step of the process and focus on helping you obtain a fast and comprehensive recovery.





Kitchen Damage Shows How Canopy Claims Makes a Difference

When the emergency response to an attic fire resulted in significant damage to a kitchen, Canopy Claims’ experts helped the homeowners more than double their recovery. Here are some details.

  • Both the insurance company and Canopy Claims found damage to the walls and sheetrock, countertops, cabinetry, molding, door, lighting, electrical and wiring, flooring and floor covering. But that’s where the similarities ended.

Canopy Claims also found significant damage to major appliances, including the oven and dishwasher, the ceiling, sink, and window treatments, all of which had to be replaced.

Overall, the insurance company’s adjuster listed a total of 24 items that had to be repaired or replaced as part of the claim. By comparison, Canopy Claims found 56 items, including several additional high-priced items the insurance company missed that were damaged beyond repair and had to be replaced.

  • Insurance company damage estimate: $5,957. Canopy Claims damage estimate: $12,225.

Whenever you have a claim, whether it involves just your kitchen or your entire home, you want Canopy Claims in your corner.

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