Nonprofit Institutions


Immediate response
to keep your institution on its mission.

In today’s environment, many nonprofits must operate with tight budgets and little room for error. So when a storm, fire or other event causes a facility to be damaged or lost, dealing with an insurance claim can be a challenge. While insurance brokers can provide some support in this area, it’s often not long before your organization might feel the pinch from costs of their claim services. At Canopy Claims Management our professionals have extensive experience working with nonprofits on a variety of claim needs. Whether an isolated event damages a critical facility or a regional disaster results in a total loss, Canopy Claims can immediately provide the resources you need to kick-start your claim process and secure your recovery. From the moment you contact us through the conclusion of your claim, our team can remain on-site to help you, your staff and other resources navigate the process every step of the way.

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