Who We Serve

Canopy Claims clients range from individual homeowners with damage to their condominium, town house or single-family home to major corporations with complex losses.


Regardless of the size of the client or scope of the loss, we approach all client engagements with the knowledge that a rapid response often helps clients achieve a faster and more complete recovery.


Here are the types of clients Canopy Claims serves and some of the ways we address their needs.


Commercial Clients


Whatever your business and whether you own and occupy your properties or lease them to commercial tenants, Canopy Claims meets your needs with top professionals and best-in-class resources.

Delivering the expertise needed to speed your recovery.

Commercial & Industrial Property Owners

When a large loss event affects your multiple properties, Canopy Claims manages the entire claim process or delivers just the specific expertise needed to help you oversee your claim. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business

Help with every aspect of your property insurance recovery.

Professional Real Estate Managers

When one or more of your properties is damaged or destroyed by fire, flood or regional disaster, your highest priority is taking care of your own customer and you can count on Canopy Claims to provide extraordinary service. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business

Understanding bylaws and how they affect your claim.

Condominium Associations

Condominium coverage issues can be complex, and Canopy Claims has the experience to manage any loss – from reviewing your insurance coverage to responding immediately to a loss, we help with every step of your recovery. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business

Protecting your insurable interests and the security of your investments.

Mortgage Companies

Drawing on extensive experience working with mortgage companies, Canopy Claims professionals focus on protecting the value of your asset base by helping you achieve as fast and complete recovery as possible. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business

Finding coverage for all aspects of your claim.

Municipalities & Government Entities

From navigating the demands of insurance company claims departments to addressing the extensive documentation requirements of FEMA, Canopy Claims can complete your claim and see it through to settlement. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business

Immediate response to keep your institution on its mission.

Nonprofit Institutions

Canopy Claims professionals have extensive experience working with nonprofits. Whenever you have a property loss, Canopy Claims will help you demonstrate professional stewardship of your nonprofit’s resources by thoroughly estimating your loss and persistently navigating the carrier claim process. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business

Homeowners & Small Business Clients:

Whether there’s damage to your business, residence or vacation home, Canopy Claims responds immediately to manage every aspect of your insurance claim, helping you save time and avoid the stress of dealing with an adversarial claim process.

Restaurant experience makes a big difference with your property claim.


Whether it’s establishing immediate insurance company payments for undisputed amounts or managing the complexities of calculating lost profits for your business interruption claim, Canopy Claims has the right team. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business

Our professionals have worked with hundreds of small businesses.

Small Business Owners

When disaster affects your business, there’s no time to spare. Downtime is costly and the insurance process is challenging. Canopy Claims helps small businesses with every aspect of their claims. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business

Onsite to help with every aspect of your claim.

Vacation Homes

When a storm damages your vacation home, you may not be prepared for your insurance company’s claim requirements or addressing FEMA on flood aspects. Canopy Claims will be on the ground to offer a turnkey solution. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business


Get peace of mind when top professionals handle your claim.


Whenever you have a claim, Canopy Claims takes the burden of dealing with the insurance company off your shoulders so you can focus on your family’s other immediate needs. See what Canopy Claims can do for your business

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