Residential Clients

Whether there’s damage to your business, residence or vacation home, Canopy Claims responds immediately to manage every aspect of your insurance claim, helping you obtain as complete recovery as possible.


Get PEACE OF MIND when top professionals handle your claim.


Insurance policies have become complex. Whenever you have a claim, Canopy Claims takes the burden of dealing with the insurance company off your shoulders so you can focus on your family’s other immediate needs.

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Onsite to help with EVERY ASPECT of your claim.

Vacation Homes

When a storm damages your vacation home, you need a partner on the ground to assess the damage and assure that you get everything you are entitled to under your policies. Beachfront properties can present particularly challenging claim scenarios as carriers often dispute whether damages result from wind or from flood. Canopy Claims offers a turnkey solution for the toughest claims.

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Our professionals have worked with HUNDREDS of small businesses.

Small Business Owners

When disaster affects your business, there’s no time to spare. Downtime is costly and the insurance process is challenging. Canopy Claims helps small businesses with every aspect of their claims.

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Restaurant experience makes a BIG DIFFERENCE with your property claim.


Whether it’s establishing immediate insurance company payments for undisputed amounts or managing the complexities of calculating lost profits for your business interruption claim, Canopy Claims provides a team with deep experience handling restaurant losses.

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