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Philadelphia High-Rise Facade Collapse: A $2 Million Recovery

When three marble panels fell from the sixth floor of a Center City Philadelphia high-rise building, the building owner received an order from the city to demolish the entire building. The owner also faced significant issues with the building’s insurance company over the cause of the loss, which threatened any possible insurance recovery.


The owner engaged architects, engineers and an emergency services contractor to implement safety measures to protect the public and property from further damage. In the process, the owner incurred more than $100,000 in emergency expenses alone.


The insurance company’s experts initially estimated the damage to the panels at approximately $300,000. Meanwhile, the insurance company’s engineers determined a cause of the loss that ultimately resulted in a full denial of any coverage from the insurance company.


Our expert performed a thorough review of the policy language, specifically, concurrent causation, ensuing damage and law and ordinance coverages, all of which supported his estimate of more than $2 million for the complete replacement of the entire facade.


Next, the building owner, insurance broker, legal counsel and our expert traveled to the insurance company’s home office to meet with their supervisor of commercial litigation and outside legal counsel.


The meeting, along with further scrutiny of the engineer’s report and the insurance company’s additional review of the policy language, underwriting file and conditions of the building, led to the insurance company covering the loss, and a final building settlement of more than $2 million.


From no insurance payment to a recovery of more than $2 million. Canopy Claims Management, Your Property Claims Department.

Helping a Trucking Company Navigate a Complex Fidelity Loss

When a logistics and trucking company’s largest client asserted a several-hundred-thousand-dollar claim for alleged theft by one of their drivers involving losses that occurred over several years, the trucking company’s insurance agent recommended that our experts get involved.


Once engaged, our experts found that the trucking firm’s client, a publicly traded company, would not disclose any financial information to support the claim. The company provided the interview/confession of the driver and a one-page summary of its damages, and it simply adjusted its accounts payable to the trucking company to reflect a credit for the loss. This was hardly sufficient information for the trucking firm to submit its own fidelity claim to its insurance company.


Our experts then met with the trucking firm’s client to negotiate an agreement that allowed a team from the insurance company (under a confidentiality agreement) to visit the trucking firm client’s home office. The insurer’s team was allowed to view historical financial data on the company’s computers and take notes. They were not permitted to take printed data or to photograph any computer screens.


Once the loss numbers were substantiated, our experts still had to establish the insurance company’s liability. This involved reviewing multiple insurance policies spanning the entire decade during which the theft occurred. Ultimately, our experts helped collect 100% of the claim against the trucking company less applicable policy deductibles.


A challenging claim – and thanks to our experts, a critical recovery for the trucking firm. It shows why more businesses turn to Canopy Claims for help with their fidelity claims.

Canopy Claims Expert Helps Church Destroyed By Fire More Than Double Its Recovery

An historic church in New Jersey had to be demolished after a fire that was inadvertently started by roofers doing repairs caused extensive damage.


Based on estimates provided by a building consultant, the church’s insurance company agreed to a claim of $387,500, covering the church, its demolition and contents. The recovery appeared to reflect the full extent of the insurance limits on the church’s policy. Then, the church engaged a Canopy Claims expert to help with the loss.


Canopy’s expert reviewed the insurance policy and quickly identified multiple additional coverages that should have applied to the loss. The total value of the additional amounts was nearly $485,000 above and beyond the $387,500 originally determined by the church’s insurer. Ultimately, the insurance company agreed to pay an additional $475,000, raising the total value of the claim to $862,500.


While some of the proceeds were obtained by the church’s insurance company through subrogation with the roofers’ insurer, the end result was that the church received a recovery well more than double the original value of the claim.


For this historic New Jersey church, a Canopy Claims expert made a huge difference: $475,000 more to rebuild and refurnish the church.

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